Marriage is a fundamental institution, and so it requires a lifelong commitment. Before finding someone to settle down with, especially online, it is essential that you make careful choices. With the advent of new technology, dating and finding the perfect spouse has become more accessible online. That is all thanks to dating sites, where everything dating is made straightforward. Quite noticeably, a high number of men who resort to online platforms sought after foreign beauties. is just the go-to when it comes to finding a life partner raised and living across the seas.



About is an admirably elite and modern online dating platform. They are no newbies in the dating market as they have garnered vast experience over the years. This platform is filled with a lot of members who are seeking their life partners just like you are. caters to helping men and women find the perfect exotic life partner. While you sit in the comfort of your home, office, or maybe even on the go, all you need to do is tap away viewing the thousands of member profiles available on the site. With hundreds of testimonies from couples who have found love through, rest assured that you will also find the perfect match for


Services on LoveSwans

On, simplicity is everything. They are one of the most popular international dating websites and are known for the large variety of services they provide for all their members. The platform has an easy-to-understand web layout so that newbies can maneuver without problems. As I have discovered, this platform is mainly dominated by East European women who seek marriage. To communicate with these gorgeous ladies, has devised several ways for communication.

Unlike conventional dating meetups, you are only able to rely on pictures and messages from your love interest. That is why deems communication a crucial aspect of their business. They provide nearly every form of communication you can think of! They let the members write letters to each other and chat! The best part, however, remains that they try their best to facilitate interested members to meet up and realize their dreams of marrying a foreigner.

Most members usually prefer to introduce themselves by writing letters because by doing that; you can tell a lot about yourself and hope that the man or woman is also interested. If so, they respond and thus, the start of something new. You may even find yourself not liking someone at your first meeting, but continued communication may be just the thing to get you head over heels.

Chatting is a lot like letter writing except that both partners are probably online and communicating back and forth. The most groundbreaking form of communication remains — video calls because you get to see the person, watch their mannerisms and hear them speak. If there is one thing I particularly love about, it is the ease and modern forms of communication.

How to Join?

To endorse your membership on, you are required to fill a form including basic questions like your name, date of birth, nationality, and your email address. They are strictly information you would like to have on your personal profile and thus share with the other members. Joining is entirely free, so you get to check out the various services they offer. However, continuing communication with fellow members will require a payment because is a premium website.


Registration is quite an easy task on All you have to do is select the “register” or “sign-in” options, fill in all the fields in the basic questionnaire and upload a beautiful picture of yourself (full-length photos are the most appreciated)! Although not made compulsory, I advise that you fill the other sets of questionnaires that enable you to divulge a lot more personal information about yourself to the ideal lover you seek. This way, makes things very simple for their members so that you only approach someone with similar relationship goals like you.


Profile Quality

On creating an account on, you can start sifting through member profiles. Having filled all the questionnaires as every newbie does, you will find that has made it so that every profile you visit is well-defined. The profiles of the foreign beauties are always so intriguing, informative, and the pictures are just downright stunning. You will find that many of these women pride themselves in their appearances. You meet numerous scenic images that are enough to convince you to strike a conversation immediately.

Also, you don’t have to search so endlessly trying to find the perfect man/woman you seek, allows you to use an extended search option so you can state the exact requirements you sought after. You can try finding a man/woman with specific eye color, body type or even age range. Cool right!? All you need do is specify your need, thus creating a filter to narrow down the selection.


Prices & Plans

Having read through this far, you’ll find that has a rather impressive list of services, and you’d agree that every good thing does come at a price. As I mentioned before, the platform focuses on women from Eastern Europe, mostly from Ukraine and Russia. Before you start wondering why you should have to pay for online dating, you should know that even these women pay to find the perfect love partner hinting at their social standing.

These foreign beauties expect nothing less from a man seeking to date and even marry them. Thankfully, has numerous plans which are designed to fit your pocket. You can get 50 credits for $19.99. The credits are necessary to sustain communication with the other members. Chatting for a minute costs two credits, and that means your 20 credits purchase will only last for 10 minutes. However, selection a monthly or even yearly plan comes at a cheaper rate and makes things much more manageable. Subscribing also entitles you to the other high-end interaction features available on

Pros And Cons


  • Every member is real;
  • Top-notch security;
  • An ever-growing number of users;
  • There are many modern forms of communication;
  • High search tool quality.


  • A bit pricey;
  • Online 24/7 support service is available for premium users accounts only.


Nothing can be perfect, and even premium sites like have their flaws. However, it’s popularity amongst foreign users ensure that you find your soulmate. Aside from that, the myriad of services is well worth paying for. What is more is that you can access the site anywhere and at any time, on your computer or your mobile phones, thus making communications easy. There are about thousands of singles who have found love using Join them today!

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