Free Christian Dating Sites

The progress influences each sphere of our life. Although the most of issues we used to face with remain the same. We still are looking for God in churches and inside of us. We still appreciate family values, we still feel lonely in a world full of people. However applying all tools that the progress gave us, we can do our lives better, simpler and happier. We will tell you the names of the best dating sites based on our experience.

Chistian Dating Culture

For example, 50 years ago there were significantly fewer channels for communication. It was impossible to imagine something like free dating sites for Christian singles. Actually, there were 3 options for those, who felt lonely and could not find somebody from the close circle of Christians. The first one is to be with the one, with whom you actually are not in love. It could be a stable family, were women and men have different interests values, but the same sense of duty to society. Or it could be an unhappy and unstable family.

The second option is to accept the situation and stay lonely or wait for the moment when life will accidentally bring love directly to your house. In most cases, this option used to end by changing its tote first one. The third option was the most difficult, but worth for try and considered relocation to another state or even country in order to meet there love.

Happily today you don’t need to relocate and the search of the decent Christian woman can be much easier and more convenient using online dating platforms. The desire to meet your couple assigned you by God is the most natural for all people, not just for Christians. But what is happening is that a lot of such sites provide their services for high fees just starting from the signup. Definitely, there could be reasonable explanations for high pricing, but for average faithful to religion person, it can make the search unaffordable and doom to loneliness. 

What Are Free Christian Dating Sites

But deep research performed will open to you some rare sites, which doesn’t require any payments just for being their member. Some of these free Christian dating sites with no hidden fees are aimed to help Christians to create a family, some are popular among a wider audience, which includes a high percentage of Christians. This article gathered all information available in order to compose the list of services available at dating sites for Christian singles for free. 

Ten Free Christian Dating Sites

As was mentioned above you may choose one of the following approaches. Concentrate your attention at specific free Christian sites, where almost 100% of the audience are Christians. These sites have interesting and unusual for the majority of other site options and give feeling all of the members are one big family. 

Or considering the fact that online dating has become the number one tool for approximately 80% of singles all over the world and the fact that more than a third of planet’s population are Christians we propose you do not limit your search at the specific free Christian sites, like were describe above. The reason is that most of the sites oriented on a wider audience will still be visited by a significant number of faithful Christians. All you would need to do is to learn more about the search tool on each of it and apply the “religion” filter.

Free Christian Sites (majority of audience are Christians) is one of the old reputable free Christian sites. The services provided are registration, profile confirmation searching tools, mobile app, and communication opportunities: chatting, lettering, personal data exchange. The obvious benefit of this free Christian sites is its proven reputation, high-security level, measures directed against fraudsters. Anyone will not scam you here.

Unfortunately, all the communication tools provided by the free Christian site are payable. At the same time, you can get free registration, profile confirmation, access to profiles of other people. Profiles can be sorted and reviewed by all free members. 

The advantage is that the user is not required for payment until some special woman’s account among many other pretty girlfriends will motivate him to become a premium member (those who have purchased credits for communication). Before this moment happened you can send her smile and hearts in order to show your interest. Another good news is that all of the described above options are available at the mobile app, which is totally free to download. (majority of audience are Christians) is another free Christian site with an almost 20-year history. Lots of success stories posted on this site serves as good evidence that the free Christian site is popular among Christians and effective. One of the main benefits is that here you can communicate with anybody you want without matter on gender. People used to find there friends and love as well. Speaking about options available, the platform proposes a huge variety of communication services: chatting, emailing, video calls, pics exchange and so on. The site has high rates and reviews posted on the Internet. 

Free services are registration, profile verification, access to huge accounts database. Additionally, the service provides all users with a free trial period up to 10 days, when all these services can be used by new members without any fees. is another platform created by a Christian psychologist. You can join this online free Christian site for free and be able to read its blog regarding relations, religion and the recent matters, which is helping a lot. The registration is free and usually takes not more than a few minutes. It also provides new members with a free trial period for testing and using all functions for free for a few weeks. After it will expire you will be allowed to search profiles of women, you would like further to talk to, send them winks and even letters. Unfortunately without credits, you will be not allowed to see the answers to them, but it is a good opportunity at least to introduce and demonstrate the initiative. The important feature of the site is that its creator cares people joined and create an atmosphere of warmth and understanding. is common with others, but here is a couple of significant benefits comparing to them. The first one comes down to the length of the free trial period. Considering some free Christian sites doesn’t have it at all and some limit it to one week, Christian Cupid made it longer and here you can use all function up to 3 months. It is a good option and theoretically could be enough to find one perfect lady and to manage a real date. The second of all free Christian site allows communicating free in case user you chose communication have some credits on the balance. The site is very loyal to new members and at the same time considered to be one of those, with high-security levels, which blocks any scammers, fraudsters, or other people who violate rules of the site.

Totally Free Online Christian Dating Sites

If you are looking for free Christian dating sites you may be ready for the poorest service, design and fewer functions. On the one hand, the more comfortable is usability and there more service you have for applying the more ladies you will communicate in order to identify your soulmate. On the other is that the final aim is real communication and it seems that there shouldn’t be any other arguments. But what is most important is data privacy and confidentiality policies, legit profiles and service desk, which works around the clock. All of these are can be met mostly at partially payable free Christian sites. So be careful using free Christian sites without any payable services. The list of sites, which allows free communication includes:


PlentyOfFish is a Canadian project, which has been expanded and now becomes one of the most popular platforms among free dating sites for American Christian singles. 


OkCupid significantly differs by detailed questionnaire proposed by members, which determines all preferences, do’s, don’t and so on. The general amount of questions can reach a big number.


Bumble, which motivates women to be initiators and send mails to males first in case there was mutual interest identified by smiles exchanges. At the same time, it protects the user from any rudeness, scamming, bullying or other ugly things.


ChristianConnection – one of the most popular among Free Cristian dating sites with no hidden fees. This platform has several awards as free dating site for Christians, which were assigned in a few years ago. Lots of testimonials and happy couples, who are happy together thanking this free Christian site.

Free Christian Dating Sites for Seniors

The majority of dating free Christian sites don’t have any specific age limitations, cause for sincere relationships it doesn’t matter how you are old. They are opened for any person, who is ready to follow its rules and wants to find a soulmate. But as well as with specific Christian dating sites it is good to visit specific seniors platforms. Some find it more comfortable because it is obviously hard to compete with beauties, who are young. For your information here they are:


SilverSingles – used to be visited by Christians, who are mature. It has a simple interface and allows to make matches, send smiles. Pics and messages are available after subscription.


It’s one of 10 free Christian dating sites. OurTime – known as a free Christian site, where Christians can meet each other in several clicks. You can send any type of message you like: smiles, quick messages, emails. You should subscribe to the site for a certain fee to read messages.


Thanks to technologies and caring people Christians all over the world have free access to dating platforms, where communication is free. They have a choice to visit specific Christian free Christian sites, general sites and search future love among Christians sorting their accounts by “religion” filed, or even visit special sites for older people. 

The benefits of specific Cristian free Christian sites come down to the fact that most of them were created by true Christians and psychologists. In one word by people, who care for others and want to bring happiness and peace to society. Such platforms often have specific forums and blogs to share their thoughts, questions and try to search for answers together.

Benefits from visiting dating platforms for all ages, religions, and preferences come down to extending the search circle and increasing chances to find somebody quickly.

The reasons to visit sites for seniors are obvious.

Although the final decision on what and how to use is totally up to you, a good choice is to try most of them and find the most effective combination, which will help you to meet your soulmate quickly and start your happy family life faster!