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So if you are reading this CristianCrush review, probably you are Christian and understand why it is so important to find a person with similar values and views to spent the rest of your life with. Because nowadays the number of truly religious people in western countries is rapidly reducing. So it becomes harder and harder to find a person who will meet your requirements and expectations.

But what if we tell you that there is a special place, where you can find many Christian singles that are looking for serious relationships? Will you be interested in getting more information about this place and how to get there? Of course, you will.

So, without too much intrigue, let’s get to the point. We are talking about one of these special online dating sites that set up for Christians only, namely dating site and below you will be able to find out a lot of useful information about CristianCrush online dating platform that will help you to understand would you like to use it or not. So let’s start our exploration of CristianCrush.

What Is

Reasons why more and more people nowadays using online dating resources are totally understandable.

First of all, it provides you with an opportunity to expend boundaries of your search far away from the borders of your city and even country. Many dating platforms covering all continents, so you can communicate with ladies from all parts of the world without visiting all of these countries, but just sitting at home and using one of your devices with an internet connection.

Second of all, as well as using online dating websites helps you to expand your search territory, it allows you to date Christian women any time and in any place when you have a possibility to enter into ChristianCrush site.

So when a level of technologies development allows you to get such features, there are no reasons to refuse this offer.

With the understanding of the mentioned above information, let’s go further to the next questions: “why stands out from the rest of similar dating resources?” and “why CristianCrush is considered as a top dating site?’ Nowadays you can find everything on the internet and a couple of reviews will not be an exception. But in this article, we will speak about major points only. So let’s make a list of the advantages of CristianCrush with a brief description of each of them.


This CristianCrush reivew would have been incomplete about the information about the CristianCrush’s cons. dating site was created and still owned and operated by a Christian psychologist. Instead of many niche dating resources for Christians that were created just for commercial purpose to get profit, CristianCrush platform was created by the person who really cares about religious people who would like to find their true love or strong friendship on CristianCrush;

This CristianCrush review should mention that CristianCrush website is available for users from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia. There are countries with a well-developed economy, living standards, and populations that have similar values and views. People from these countries are living in very similar conditions, so it will not be a huge stress to move to their second halves from CristianCrush site. And any dating website review would emphasize it.

Free trial

Any CristianCrush review should state that CristianCrush platform offers a two-week free trial for new members who filled out their profiles fully, it means all information there. It is more than convenient when you have an opportunity to check all the CristianCrush features and options that are available on CristianCrush site before you will need to pay for it. Because you can read numerous CristianCrush reviews and comments, but it will not guarantee that you will agree with these sources when you try to use ChristianCrush site by yourself. During this free trial period on CristianCrush, all of the CristianCrush’s features will be available for you like for paid CristianCrush members, so you will be able to use them all.

Profiles’ verification

All CristianCrush review tell about the profiles’ verification that provides you with the filling of the secured environment on the CristianCrush site. Many dating platforms are not able to screen all of their users’ profiles and exclude fakes, scammers and other types of fraudsters from their members. And it is hard to focus on communication with your potential girlfriends when you worry about your safety. But on you can be one hundred percent sure that every single profile with whom you had a conversation or would like to communicate in future is legit. And every single message that you get on CristianCrush is from the real person who is there with the desire to find her second half, but not scam or spam.

Is only one product of his owner

Instead of numerous dating websites that were created by big companies that already operating many similar sites, is only one product of his owner and still operating by him. It means that CristianCrush site and its members get much more individualized care than others. And all CristianCrush review imphasize that.

Video profiles

If you read CristianCrush review, I’d know that is the first Christian dating website that integrated video in users’ profiles. This CristianCrush option provides you with more ways of communication to find your best match.

Personality assessment test

As you already know, CristianCrush website was created by a psychologist, that is why such a test is there. It helps the CristianCrush’s members to filter other users’ profiles by personality traits that they would like to see in their second half’s character.

This list can be much longer and every user will be able to add at least a couple of advantages that are major for him, but our list looks like this. And if this is enough for you to stop on CristianCrush platform, let’s go to the next thing that will be useful for you – registration or signup process.

How To Create An Account?

In this CristianCrush review, we should mention how to creat an account. The registration process on CristianCrush website is quick and easy, so let’s explore it step by step.

On a landing page of ChristianCrush site, you will see the red bottom with the following text on it: “Christian Dating For Christian Singles – Start Here!”. If you did not find this bottom on the screen, try to scroll the page down a little bit and you will definitely see it in the middle of the screen;

After you click on this bottom, you will see the next page with two brief forms. The first one is a signup form for those who already have a profile there and would like to enter into it. The second one is a brief CristianCrush registration form for newcomers who would like to become a CristianCrush member. This questionnaire form includes the following questions:

  • What is your name?
  • What is your email address?
  • Create your password for his website.
  • What is your zip / postal code?
  • What is your gender?
  • Tell your date of birth (to calculate your age)
  • Where did you hear about CristianCrush?

So after you answer all of these questions, passed the required captcha test and agreed with the terms and conditions of ChristianCrush site, your account is officially created. The next thing that you will need to do is to fill it out with further information about yourself that you think could be interesting for other users. This information will help you to attract women from ChristianCrush site even when you are offline. Also please do not be too lazy to upload at least a couple of your photos there. Because empty CristianCrush profiles with no information and photos in it look strange on dating resources.

How Much It Costs?

CristianCrush site uses a paid basis system of work, so after the end of your two-week free trial, you will need to choose one of the paid subscription options or use only free options in the future. First of all, let’s find out what options, except for the creation of a profile, are free on this platform and how they work:

  • You can search CristianCrush profiles of other users for free;
  • You can see who viewed your CristianCrush profile for free;
  • Also, you can send smiles to other users for free;
  • You can send messages to other CristianCrush users for free.

The list is not so small. And probably you are interested in the following question: “if you can send messages for free, why do you need to pay for a CristianCrush subscription there?”. The answer is simple: because without this CristianCrush subscription, you will not be able to see any responses on your messages.

What types of paid subscribes exist on ChristianCrush site and how much it costs:

  • One-month CristianCrush subscription that costs $14.99;
  • Three-months CristianCrush subscription that costs $34.99;
  • Six-months CristianCrush subscription that costs $49.99 what is only $8.33 per month.

Such prices are lower than on similar resources. Because this is not about profit like on other resources. By the way, since you become a paid member, ChristianCrush site offers you two scenarios:

Manual renewal when every time when your subscription period expired, you need to continue it by buying a new subscription;

Automatic renewal when you are buying the new subscription at the end of the previous subscription period automatically. In case you would like to cancel the renewal, the website will send you reminders before each transaction.

Blog and Studies

The main goal of CristianCrush site does not only help you to find a connection with your Christian soulmate but to teach you how to save this connection over the years. There is why on ChristianCrush site you can find many articles and videos that will be useful for each person and couple, such as:

  • Healing Relational Wounds;
  • Financial Peace Within Marriage;
  • Christian Dating and Values;
  • Spiritual Intimacy | You Are Wired For It;
  • The Destruction of Porn;
  • Humility and Dating and so on.

All of them written by Wyatt Fisher, Psy.D., the creator and owner of ChristianCrush site. The psychologist who is glad to make these extra miles to help as many people to find their happiness and stay happy as he can. So feel free to read and watch all of these articles and videos. They are available for free, so you can do it even if you are not a paid member of CristianCrush site. 


The main goal of this online dating site review is to analyze the major advantages and disadvantages of dating platform. And in this case, we can calculate a rating based on all of the information above and our exploration of how this website works. After reading this review of you know everything about ChristianCrush site. So our rating of ChristianCrush will be 6.5 points from 10 possible. The main absence of mobile version of ChristianCrush  site, old-school design and not intuitively understandable navigation.  But you always can use theChristianCrush  free trial option and create your own impression!

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