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Catholic Dating Rules for Newcomers of Catholic Dating Websites

Online dating is full of fun. It seems very easy to date on the Internet because you can make contacts without looking at a person, you can chat for weeks before you actually meet in person and you can have conversations with as many people as you like at the same time. However, if you are using a Catholic dating website or app, there are some rules that you should keep in mind to make dating safe and effective if you are dreaming of dating a Catholic woman or man.

If you are a truly religious person, dating online can be challenging. You are going to communicate with maybe a few hundreds of people but remember that you can’t read someone’s mind and thoughts when having conversations on the dating website. So, we would like to introduce you to Catholic rules for dating to make web dating experience positive for you. If you are already using a dating website for faith-oriented singles or planning to join one of the popular dating services or apps for religious women and men, read the list of good advice given by experts in this field.

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4 Major Dating Rules for Newbies in Catholic Online Dating

1. Always be Honest

When dating online, you will have a huge choice of women and men to chat with. However, not every person who you have a conversation with matches you. The person who you like by photo can be a complete opposite of your personality. Let’s imagine that you are chatting with someone who is really interested in you. He/she sends you messages every single day, orders flowers/ presents and starts making plans to meet and date you. Of course, it’s nice to get attention and compliments but if your intentions are not the same, it’s best to tell the truth.

If you don’t want to get yourself in troubles and hurt someone, be honest from the beginning. A lot of people commit sin by blaming God when they meet the wrong people. You should remember that God is not a cushion that you can use to soften a break-up or an inconvenient situation. God is the creator of the Universe and maybe by putting you in a break-up situation, he saves you from unpleasant consequences.

2. Don’t Interview Your Dates

A lot of singles who are looking for love on dating sites take actual dating too serious. Okay, you want to date religious people and it’s fine if you get offended if someone asks you to have sex in a message. You have all rights to block that person and never talk to him or her again. A lot of faith-oriented singles consider a first date as a preparation for marriage and this is very wrong. They turn a romantic date into an interview asking hundreds of questions trying to understand how a person would react in different situations.

You should remember that people can get nervous on first dates, so you shouldn’t overload someone with questions. It will ruin the date. Take it slowly and talk about things in common and if you have a good feeling about the person, arrange the second date. Eventually, you will learn everything about the person to make a decision to get into a serious relationship or look for a more compatible partner. A lot of singles with serious intentions start making plans for marriage and creating a family on th first date. God won’t punish you if you don’t like a person who you met for a date. You are not supposed to get married to your first date. It would be smarter if you listen to your heart and choose a person who is compatible even if you have to go out with 10 different people.

3. Judge by Actions Not by Words

We are going to talk about how serious Christian singles are again. If you are using dating website for meeting like-minded people for a serious relationship, you should understand that words are not actions. If you receive a message from a guy who is complementing on your look, asks you questions and sends you smiles from time to time, you need to understand that he is only friendly. Don’t ask God why someone who you like can’t treat you nicer and doesn’t meet your expectations.

If you are a truly religious person then you should remember that God knows better and gives you lessons to become smarter. If you don’t get an invitation from a man who you like very much, try to ask him out and if you don’t get a positive answer, simply understand that he treats you like a friend. The sooner you realize that you have different views, the sooner you will overcome suffering, stop asking questions and notice someone who genuinely wants to meet you for a real date.

4. What about Chastity?

It’s absolutely normal that girls like boys and boys like girls. We all have sexual desires and there is no point to hide yours even if you are Christian. Religions people date, get married and have kids. You shouldn’t be afraid of sex but you need to be very careful and smart when choosing who to do it with.

A lot of faith-oriented people feel guilt or shame after having moments of intimacy with people. To avoid this, you should follow your heart. Don’t jump in the bed with men or women who you really like because they demand it. When dating online, you might meet people who will want to get closer after the first date even if you both don’t know much about each other. You shouldn’t satisfy someone’s desires because you are scared to never see the person again. Don’t be afraid to feel like you have cheated on yourself. You have been made for something more than just physical pleasure.


We really hope that our Catholic dating advice will help you to enjoy dating rather than suffer. After reading this guide, you should remember that we are not in control of anything. Do not worry why someone doesn’t ask you for a date or why it takes a long time for you to go on a date while your friends are already dating. Don’t waste your energy and tears on trying to figure things out. Trust God and remember that he looks after you and guides every single day. You may not be aware of things that happen to you but God holds your hand and protects you. If your feelings are not mutual, maybe God knows that this very person is not the right partner for you.

Follow these four important guidelines and your dating experience will be positive. If you do, you will never suffer, doubt and questions things. Trust God and see the signs. Save yourself for the person who genuinely wants to be with you, make you happy and become your lifetime partner. Religious dating differs from traditional dating and if you are new to it, these guidelines will help you to walk past people who you have different interests and plans for the future with and help you to meet best-matching partners.

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